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Devon Retemyer


In 2001, Devon Retemyer founded iConcepts Web Design. iConcepts' popularity increased quickly because of the cost of Web Design and hosting services we were offering. Businesses found that they were getting a good deal ... low-cost websites with decent quality!


Team iConcepts which included colleagues of Devon Retemyer from University, Julious Corlette, Kadalie Rose and James Philander, teamed up to make history by becoming the first company to cover an event live on the internet in Guyana. The event was the Kashif & Shanghai football finals in Linden. The two major newspapers in Guyana, Stabroek News and the Guyana Chronicle carried news articles about the feat. The Live online coverage continued and was even a feature at the St Lucia Blackheart Football tournament in 2004.


After spreading across the Caribbean, with clients getting onboard from St. Lucia, Barbados, Antigua & Barbuda, Guyana, British Virgin Islands and the USA, Devon Retemyer is now set to take the Caribbean and the rest of the world by storm, operating under the name of drunlimited.com which represents a step forward in achieving his unlimited potential.


I know you probably want to know more about Devon Retemyer...the person. Well, he is a young man who is crazy about designing. From websites to graphical work to electronic circuits. Design is his passion! He's also an individual who loves fun things...However, as a client you'll get to meet him and mind his business! :-)